Grommets & Washers Overview

Grommets and Washers from the World’s Premier Manufacturer and Supplier

Stimpson offers four grommet product lines:

  • Sheet Metal Grommets, which can be used with Plain Washers, Teeth Washers, or Neck Washers.
  • Self-Piercing Grommets and Washers
  • Rolled Rim Grommets and Spur Washers
  • Oblong Grommets and Washers


Here is a brief introduction to each product line, with a link to charts of the specifications for each size of the grommets and washers we manufacture and supply.

Stimpson Grommets and Washers meet the latest government and commercial specifications and are supported by a full line of grommet machines.

Sheet Metal Grommets

Sheet metal grommets can be used with plain, teeth, or neck washers.

Plain Washers

Basic reinforcement.

Teeth Washers

A firmer, tighter grasp.

Neck Washers

Reinforces the hole with two entire parts.

Self-Piercing Grommets & Washers

Stimpson Self-Piercing Grommets – “No Hole Needed” – are made from heavier gauge brass than traditional sheet metal grommets and, when set with their matching washers, pierce and set in a single action without the need for a pre-punched hole.

Rolled Rim Grommets with Spur Washers

Stimpson Rolled Rim Grommets and Spur Washers interlock, their teeth grasping the material, to provide a rugged, unyielding setting.

Oblong Grommets and Washers

Stimpson Oblong Grommets and Washers are offered in brass, aluminum, zinc and stainless steel.